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5th-Feb-2012 03:14 pm - Abandoned?
Once upon a time I loved this community, in fact, I was here as "NegroAbsol" I return 2 years later to find it's so dead here! What happened?! Did the community get abandoned? Did the fans stop loving One Outs? If so I'm filled with a sadness I cannot explain, I hope the community can become more active!
3rd-May-2011 11:39 am - One outs's sequel?

I'm new to this community. Actually, I'm new to One Outs too since I've just discovered this anime 4 days ago! I finished watching the anime in one night! It's so addictive!

Anyway, I'm a little bit confused here. Is "ONE OUTS: Miwaku no All-Star-Hen" One Out's sequel or just a new name for a reprint version?

If it's a sequel, where can I read it? 
3rd-Feb-2011 11:13 pm - One Outs Fanarts
fox stiles
Hello there, I just recently joined the community and wanted to share the stuff I got.

As I was browsing the net I noticed that it's rather hard to find good One Outs fanarts so I thought I might as well share what I did gather, so here it is:


Some will overlap with the pics that were already posted on the community but a bunch of those posted aren't working anymore and um don't eat me?

I hope I'll be able to come up with some of my own fanarts, but that might take a while...
15th-Sep-2010 10:08 pm - Love Surrender (KojimaxTokuchi)
Omg Yay!
For starters it's really more Kojima=Tokuchi, meaning the two are on equal ground neither of them are a necessary top or bottom, they can be either between the two of them. I don't think they'd mind either way round, besides love is give and take right? Their not going to alter their personalities to suit another, their both stubborn, so Tokuchi's not going to get all "girly" and Kojima won't get extra manly (that would be a scary thing to happen) they'll just simply be themselves. I hope I've managed that in this fanfiction, feedback is accepted but please be kind with me ;_;. I was listening to Ikue Asazaki's album Utabautayun, beautiful stuff :) Please enjoy!!!!

Also! If you're a member of Y!Gallery and wanna join a One Outs club, don't hesitate to come visit! It's new and no ones joined but I'm sure it'll grow with time :)

One Outs Club on Y!Gallery

Love SurrenderCollapse )
4th-Jun-2010 10:13 pm - Toa Icons
Heya, kind of a lurking new member person. I did an icon challenge for Toa and I thought I'd share the bounty. Please credit.

Toua is a sexy bastard.Collapse )
13th-Nov-2009 10:50 am - one outs dojinshi
One outs fan arts's hard to find, but its doujinshi's much much harder~!!!!

Anyway, I found an one outs doujinshi on K-BOOKS yesterday, it's like the ONLY ONE on web, I can't even find anything on yahoo japan auction....

I really wanted to buy it but it's Deguchi x Tokuchi, I really wanted Kojima x Tokuchi or even Takami x Tokuchi~
Well, here's the info, if you're interested and can get it, buy it before it's too late~!

Total 32 pages, 682 yen.
13th-Nov-2009 12:28 pm(no subject)
Hi everybody! I'm new in this community and I came with little present. Sorry if you've already seen these pics but it's so difficult to find OneOuts-fanart:( I'm watching anime, and I've already fallen in love with it though I don't like baseball XD
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6th-Sep-2009 10:00 pm - O, hai~
Hello, hello \(^^)/

I recently watched the anime and I was like, WHOA *O* MOAR! and er.... yeah, fangirl stuff pretty much ^^;

I bring [somewhat of a] fanart - joined 3 screenshots together and overpainted my beloved Ideguchi~ <3

Cut to the chase~Collapse )

25th-Aug-2009 04:19 pm - iconsss.

more here @ bubblemilk!
26th-May-2009 05:34 pm - ~One Outs VOL.20 RAW~

Just in case anyone's looking for it, you can download directly here:


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